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Are the seculars & liberals in India, losing the hopes for social survival?

The Semantic Trap of the ‘Western Paradigm Prison’

‘Seculars & liberals have lost moral authority only because they condone all crimes against Hindus from conversion to killing.’ - Tweeted @sgurumurthy
‘Sadly both are clueless!’ – Respond tweeted @madhukishwar

The above tweets motivated me to raise and explore the answer to the above question, in view of my unusual background and experiences.

I was once a staunch ‘PeriyAr’ E.V.R supporter ( )& hence experienced the extreme mind set of the seculars & liberals. I was convinced that the ‘nationalism’ of India was anti-Tamil & anti-Tamils, justifying the demand of the separation of Tamilnadu, from India.

Fed up with the dominating selfish emotional trend in public life, during the rule of the Dravidian parties in Tamilnadu, I diversified to music related application of Physics to the ancient Tamil texts. In the process, I discovered how ‘PeriyAr’ E.V.R & the seculars & liberals, unconsciously led themselves to become the victims of the anti-Swadeshi colonial conspiracy. (‘The Dravidian Movement & Rescuing Tamilnadu’; )

Also I doubt if the ‘seculars & liberals’ are aware of the ‘probable pitfalls in the western based rationalist approach’ ( )

If they continue to be the prisoners of the western paradigm through the following semantic trap, they will become irrelevant to the Indian society.

‘The semantic trap of the western origin words; like caste, religion, Hindu, nation, nationalism, classical & folk; denying the evolution of the Indian rooted meanings and concepts through the process of modernization without westernization, is now effectively challenged.’ (‘What is wrong with importing Euro-centric nationalism to India? A criticism on Romila Thapar’s ‘ON NATIONALISM’ ; )

In my view, seculars & liberals in TN are in the process of alienation from the common public, speeded up during the Modi era.

The resulting decline of the political parties supported by the seculars & liberals, unless reversed, may lead to depriving the potential opposition to the Modi govt, essential to serve the interests of the Indian democracy.

Fortunately the opposition from RSS serve the purpose of safeguarding the interests of the country and democracy. ((The Modi governments reform agenda continues to face opposition from the RSS.  )

Also R.S.S is emerging as the only mass based organization to rescue all the Indian languages, facing demise due to the onslaught of the English medium western worshipping education business. (‘Why RSS, the only option, to rescue the TN Tamil Medium Education & hence Tamil?’;

Minus the ‘periodic’ social oxygen supplied by the ‘cow vigilantes’ & ‘over enthusiastic censor officials’ deleting few words in the documentary on Amartya Sen (note below),  are the seculars & liberals in India, losing the hopes for social survival?

‘Also as the pro-Hindutva writer S.Gurumurthy, the editor of Tamil weekly ‘thugLak’, had rightly observed, the fast weakening of the Congress party, will not prove to be good in the interests of democracy. In the interests democracy & to strengthen a right opposition to BJP, anti-Hindutva scholars, need to distance themselves, from anti-Swadeshi forces with camouflaged ‘Anti-Hindutva’ masks, and be familiar with the ground level realities, & emerging new polarization- pro-Swadeshi & anti-Swadeshi polarization.’ ( )


 ‘When AIADMK leader Jayalalitha replaced DMK leader Karunanidhi as TN CM after the previous assembly elections, the Tamil word & the picture for ‘sun’ – சூரியன், the symbol of DMK, were removed from the school text books all over in TN, by the officials of the education dept (like the above censor board officials), a great mockery witnessed by TN public.’;  

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Why Karl Marx on castes in India, Noam Chomsky on Nandigram and Amartya Sen on Modi, were wrong?

Physicists knew that the application of the laws of macro-Physics to micro-Physics (Quantum Physics) would lead to wrong results, while in the convergence region, both of them have the link of joining- the higher limit of Micro-Physics & the lower limit of Macro-Physics.( ; ‘Our analysis shows that classical and quantum matter waves are distinguished by two different choices of the dynamics of their amplitudes rather than two values of Planck's constant.’;  & ) Unaware of the changes in the world of atoms and molecules, & continuing the pre-change perception w.r.t the objects consisting of those atoms and molecules undergoing changes, may lead to wrong observations.

Physicists will not fall into the trap of extending their skills of macro-level observations, unaware of their limitations to the micro-level world of atoms and molecules.

Like the caution practiced by the Physicists living in the macro-physics related world, while approaching a problem in micro-physics;

The socio-physicists making observations at the macro-level, need to be cautious in the observations at the micro-level. Failures in observing the caution may lead to absurd observations. Unless one is familiar of the ground realities of the society at the micro-level, such failures become inevitable.

For example;

Divorced from the ground level realities and relying on the media and books, even great scholars, would make wrong observations and predictions on India. That was how Karl Marx predicted that the railways and the modern industries would help in destroying castes, as shown below.

“ The railway-system will therefore become, in India, truly the forerunner of modern industry.------ Modern industry, resulting from the railway system, will dissolve the hereditary divisions of labor, upon which rest the Indian castes, those decisive impediments to Indian progress and Indian power.”
-          Karl Marx on ‘The Future Results of British Rule in India’ in the New-York Semi-Weekly Tribune.

India, at present, is mainly perceived by the anti-Hindutva scholars, as polarized into pro-Hindutva & anti-Hindutva camps at the macro-level. Such misconceived polarization helps to camouflage the actual multi-dimensional contradictions at the micro-level. 

Worse will be the case of the great scholars with preconceived notions w.r.t India;

Misleading them to make wrong observations as in the cases of Noam Chomsky and Amartya Sen.

The preconceived notion of the great scholar Noam Chomsky ( ) with respect to the then leftist rule in West Bengal, misled him to the wrong observation on the Nandigram struggle. (  & )  The people of the West Bengal, during the later general elections, disproved the wrong observation of Noam Chomsky, by dethroning the leftist rule.

Like Noam Chomsky, the prominent economist and the Nobel laureate Amartya Sen ( ) had commented before the parliamentary elections; "As an Indian citizen I don't want Modi as my PM... He has not done enough to make minorities feel safe,"

In contradiction to the above statement by the scholar Amartya Sen, living abroad, Maulana Mahmood Madani, general secretary of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, had revealed “There is a perceptible change and circumstances are different now. Muslims in Gujarat are economically better off than in several states which have so-called secular governments in power. More innocent Muslims are in the prisons of Maharashtra than in Gujarat. The human rights record of several states with secular governments in power is deplorable and the economic situation of Muslims in West Bengal is shocking. These states don’t have a Modi at the helm. We cannot ignore this ground reality,”

Subsequently BJP won in the elections in Gujarat, even in the Muslim dominated constituencies confirming the above statement.

India is now in a transition phase in which a growing section including the minorities and the youth are fed up with the negative hate divisive polarized politics and aspire for a positive, inclusive, corruption – free, & development oriented governance leading to a hopeful future.
Another weakening sections consisting mainly middle aged and above, still live in the past and try in vain to waste the present to settle the scores of the past. The minorities belonging to this section are angry with those Muslims like Maulana Mahmood Madani, for openly expressing their above mentioned support to Modi. Sad that Amaratya Sen had identified himself with that weakening section through his wrong observation.

From pro-Hindutva & anti-Hindutva polarization, India is now in transition towards pro-Swadeshi & anti-Swadeshi polarization.

Unaware of the changes in the micro-world of world of atoms (ordinary people) and molecules (micro-level leaders) , & continuing the pre-change perception (pro-Hindutva & anti-Hindutva polarization) w.r.t the objects consisting of those atoms and molecules undergoing changes, may lead to wrong observations, ignorant of post-change pro-Swadeshi & anti-Swadeshi polarization.

The people of West Bengal proved that Noam Chomsky was wrong on the Nandigram struggle. In the ensuing parliamentary elections, the people of India will prove that Amartya Sen was wrong on Modi.

The above written before the parliamentary elections, was validated by the subsequent results of the parliamentary elections, selecting Modi, as the PM of India.

Anti-Hindutva ‘celebrities’ like Arundhati Roy need to be aware of the pitfalls of the decaying polarization of pro-Hindutva & anti-Hindutva.

Do thug leaders associated with separatists, regional chauvinistic, Casteist, etc divisive movements, by posing themselves as anti-Hindutva, succeed in securing support from anti-Hindutva ‘celebrities’ like Arundhati Roy?  If true, will people like Arundhati Roy, Amaratya Sen & Noam Chomsky, wake up to identify their failure w.r.t the ground realities of the society of India at the micro-level, leading to their wrong observations at the macro-level of India, due to their misconceived pro-Hindutva & anti-Hindutva  polarization at the macro-level.

Other all India parties like Congress, etc relied on their misconceived pro-Hindutva & anti-Hindutva  polarization at the macro-level to oppose PM Modi, and hence witnessed more and more alienation from the masses.

Also as the pro-Hindutva writer S.Gurumurthy, the editor of Tamil weekly ‘thugLak’, had rightly observed, the fast weakening of the Congress party, will not prove to be good in the interests of democracy. In the interests democracy & to strengthen a right opposition to BJP, anti-Hindutva scholars, need to distance themselves, from anti-Swadeshi forces with camouflaged ‘Anti-Hindutva’ masks, and be familiar with the ground level realities, & emerging new polarization- pro-Swadeshi & anti-Swadeshi polarization.

Pro-Swadeshi will strengthen a person and his/her country to preserve the diversity, in the unity of the globalization.

1. . India’s film censors have ordered that a documentary about the economist and Nobel laureate Amartya Sen be altered to remove words including the 4 words  “cow”, “Hindu India”, “Hindutva” & “Gujarat”, the director has said. ( ) If true,PM Modi need to rectify the unpardonable pitfall, in the functioning of the censor board. When AIADMK leader Jayalalitha replaced DMK leader Karunanidhi as TN CM after the previous assembly elections, the Tamil word & the picture for ‘sun’ – சூரியன், the symbol of DMK, were removed from the school text books all over in TN, by the officials of the education dept  (like the above censor board officials), a great mockery witnessed by TN public.

2. I value the great contribution of Noam Chomsky to the modern linguistics. My research discovering 'Musical Phonetics in tholkAppiam' (The journal from the International Institute of Tamil Studies, Taramani, Chennai- 2013;  ) revealing the universal music grammar for matching the lyrics in all syllabic languages with music;

in association with the current researches on 'Mathematics & Music' may lead to the realization of Chomsky’s prediction:  "the rise of the new field of mathematical linguistics, a field that submits to abstract study the class of generative systems meeting the conditions set forth in universal grammar.";

which, in  turn, will lead to developing 'unbelievable' applications, involving NLP (Natural Language Processing)  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Experiencing God, the Infinite, 
through Resonance

Introduction - Resonance in mating mosquitoes

Scientific investigations had proved that the mosquitoes, before the mating, the “females typically have a (wing vibrations) frequency of about 400 beats per second and the males approximately 600”. During the mating, “they adjusted the beats until there was a harmonic of about 1200 vibrations per second – or hertz – an overtone of both the 400 and 600 beats.
Researchers at Cornell University have discovered that Aedes aegypti mosquitoes alter their wing vibrations in a mating signal. ( 

 In music, 600/400 = 3/2, the frequency ratio of the musical note G in the middle octave.

In Acoustics, two different vibrating bodies will experience resonance if the frequency of the first body is an integral multiple (1, 2, 3, 4, etc) of the frequency of the second body. But the amplitude in resonance will be infinite in ideal case, if the frequency of the first body is equal to the frequency of the second body, i.e. in unison, as in the case of the wing frequencies of the above two mosquitoes. 

The limitations of Science 

How do we understand the relation between the sexual union of the mosquitoes and the resonance in the frequency of the vibration of the wings of the two mosquitoes? Understanding the limitations of science may help to answer this question.

The present mathematical logic will stop at the doors of zero and infinite. Proceeding further will lead to illogical conditions as shown below. 

 1 multiplied by 0 = 0        5 multiplied by 0 = 0

Since the right hand sides are equal, the left hand sides are also equal. This will lead to1 = 5, an absurd mathematical conclusion. Adopting this logic any number can be proved to be equal to one.

In Acoustics the expression for ideal resonance will show that the resulting amplitude will be infinite, the door where science has to stop; like the human reason, a finite process, has to stop proving or disproving the God, the infinite.  I shall be thankful, if anyone could show me a reference in science for the source of the energy for the ‘infinite amplitude’ in ideal resonance.

Zero and infinite are indivisible numbers. Anything divided by zero becomes infinite in mathematics. Anything may be, say, an ordinary citizen numbering in single digits in terms of wealth or power or intellectual strength, etc and the head of the countries, noble laureates, rich, etc numbering very high. In other words the finite distinctions in human terms just disappear when infinite status is attained through zero. When I explained this to late Dr.V.Ganapati Sthapati (Former Principal of Govt College of architecture & sculpture, Chennai Mahabalipuram- , he surprised me with the statement that any number raised to the power zero is 1.

This means that a person, both the rich and poor in terms of wealth etc, by undergoing a process that divides him/her by zero becomes infinite. To be eligible to undergo the process, one must understand, irrespective of any human divisions, all are one when RAISED TO ZERO, by getting rid of Anavam- ஆணவம், akanhthai- அகந்தை, etc.(all kinds of ego)

1 0 = 20 = 3 0 =   100 0 =   1000 0 =   & so on = 1 

Now that we are living in digital age in which the digital processing in the gadgets involve the binary numbers. We can extend the above to identify the key to undergo the process to understand that , irrespective of any human divisions, all are one,- the first step to experience the infinite – God; not an effort to prove thru science, in view of the limitations of science, to explore beyond zero & infinite; not to find fault with anyone unwilling to undergo the experience.

Such a divine experience of 'one' was termed as '  vinaiyin thokaiyAya virinhthu thankaN onRAy  paranhtha uNarvin '-  - வினையின் தொகையாய விரிந்து தன்கண் ஒன்றாய் பரந்த உணர்வின் - experiencing the infinitely expanded resultant of the actions as the one within us-,  in the following ancient Tamil text 'cULAmaNi', based on the ancient Sanskrit text 'mahA  purANA'.

 venRAn  vinaiyin thokaiyAya virinhthu thankaN
onRAy  paranhtha uNarvin oziyAthu muRRum
cenRAn thikazhunj cutarcU zhoLi mUrththiyAki
nhnRA natikIzhp paNinthAr vinaiwIngki nhnRAr'
cULAmaNi  1:1

'வென்றான் வினையின் தொகையாய விரிந்து தன்கண்
ஒன்றாய் பரந்த உணர்வின் ஒழியாது முற்றும்
சென்றான் திகழுஞ் சுடர்சூ ழொளி மூர்த்தி யாகி
நின்றா னடிகீழ்ப் பணிந்தார்   வினைநீங்கி நின்றார்'
சூளாமணி 1:1

Binary concepts may help to understand the above.  

A brief note for those unfamiliar with the binary number system;

We are familiar with the decimal system involving the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 0. In the binary number system, only two numbers 1 & 0 are employed to do all the mathematical operations we do using the decimal system. How do we represent all values of the decimal system in the binary number system? The following example will clarify.

                       Decimal                                 Binary 

                           0                                       0000

                           1                                       0001

                           2 ------------------------- 0010

                           3                                       0011


                           5                                       0101

                           6                                       0110

                           7                                       0111

                           8 ------------------------- 1000  

In the above example, the binary number had only 4 digits. It can be any number of digits depending on the need. 
Interestingly, the value of the number 0, irrespective of the digit it occupied, was always equal to zero of the binary system. But the number 1, as it moved from the end right digit to the left in the binary system, it acquired the corresponding values of 2, 4, 8, etc, in the decimal system.

If the values of the human ranking in terms of wealth, power, post, etc are expressed in the binary system, we find that low ranked human beings will be ‘1’ in the right end of the digits while the high ranking human beings will be again ‘1’  in the left end of the digits. Note that all human beings are just ‘1’, but the ranking value will depend on the digit place.

On death, a person will obviously loose not only his ranking, but also the presence in the binary system. Also due to unforeseen social changes, a high ranking person may have to move to a low ranking digit place. For example, during the second world war, when Malaysia came under the control of the Japanese army, all high ranking British officers were forced to work as the manual labourers. 

Hence any human being, on realizing the above, could understand the transient nature of his/her digit place, and also that all human beings are just ‘1’, and all zeros in all the digit places are equal to zero. To undergo the actual experience in realizing it in our lives, we need to subject ourselves to the mechanism to experience the infinite – dividing our ‘1’, irrespective of our digit place, by zero; to experience God. 

Mechanism to experience the Infinite - God 

The actual mechanism to undergo this process is resonance. We had seen above that the amplitude in resonance would be infinite in ideal case, if the frequency of the first body is equal to the frequency of the second body, i.e in unison. Also we had seen the scientific evidence that the vibrating wings of the mosquitoes experience resonance in the sexual union. Resonance is the key to understand how infinite status (God) is attained through zero. 

Resonance , Consonance,  & Tuning in Music 

Every material body has its own natural frequency of vibration in Physics. A body at rest will start vibrating if that body’s natural frequency is equal to another nearby body vibrating at the same frequency. This is known as resonance effect in Acoustics. Consonance in music is related to resonance.

For example, octave ranks first in musical consonance. In octave relation the frequency of the second note will be twice the frequency of the first note. Next to octave, we have the fifth note as the consonant note. The fifth note above will have 3/2 times the frequency of the referred note. These two consonant relations play a prominent role in tuning as well as in the grammar governing the role of music notes in a composition. In tuning string instruments by adjusting the tension of the string, one will hear strong dissonance before hearing the pleasing consonance. (Page 20, Physics of Music, Alexander Wood, Greenwood Press reprint 1981). Hence the frequencies associated with the mating of the mosquitoes are musically significant. Prior to mating, the ratio of the wing frequencies was 3/2. They became unison during the mating. 

‘Akananuuru’, - அகநானூறு - an ancient [around first few centuries A.D] Tamil literature narrates [301: 16-17], how a pitch of a percussion instrument acquires life by embracing the pitch of a flute like instrument. This embrace was compared to a mating of male elephant with lustful female elephant. ‘aingkuRu nhURu ‘ – ஐங்குறுநூறு -an ancient Tamil text (377: 1-2) narrates a similar fact of tuning a string instrument with reference to a flute instrument, comparing it to elephants mating.

The tuning of string instruments and percussion instruments by referring to flute as pitch guidance device in ancient Indian music, was compared to the mating of elephants.

Elephant mating is a dramatic and complicated procedure, according to elephant specialist in South Africa´s Kruger National Park 
[BioScience Volume 48, Number 2, February 1998 -- ;]

Pitch guidance device-flute was compared to female elephant and string instrument to be tuned was compared to male elephant. The act of mating was compared to consonant matching of the sound from the string instrument with the sound from the flute. In fact this kind of consonant matching itself was referred to as ‘ kaLiRRuyir’ [life of string instrument-male elephant] as explained in the following reference.

பண் யாழ் நிறுமின் ; கண்விடு தூம்பின் களிற்றுயிர் தொடுமின்;
புறநானூறு 152; 14 - 15
“paN yaz niRumin; kaN vidu thUmpin kaLiRRuyir thodumin”

paN’ means a kind of raga with its own unique aesthetic aspects. ’yaz’ means a string instrument. ‘niRumin’ means musical weighing otherwise known as tuning to the scale of paN.. ‘kaN vidu thUmpin’ means flute with holes. ‘kaLiRRuyir’ means life of male elephant.’ Thodumin’ means finding. Hence this kind of consonant matching of string instrument was called life of string instrument -male elephant.[ kaLiRu]. In other words string instrument acquires musical life only after proper tuning. 

In tuning string instruments, sound is produced by plucking the string to be tuned. Changing the tension of the string can change the frequency of sound. By referring to the guiding pitch sound from a flute, the process of plucking and adjusting the tension is repeated till the two sounds produce a pleasing consonant sound. Like the male elephant in mating, the string instrument plays an active role in tuning. Interestingly a strong displeasing dissonance sound will be heard before getting the desired consonant sound like the difficulties experienced by male elephant before experiencing the climax in the union. This difference between dissonance and consonant sounds will be more prominent in octave relation than fifth, which in turn will be more prominent than fourth. By practice and experience, a skilled musician can identify the consonant relation just by listening to the sounds. In percussion instruments, plucking will be replaced by beating. It is surprising that ancient Tamil Music had a highly developed method of pitch standard and tuning. 

The imperfect ‘tuning’ of the modern music 

This kind of dissonance and consonance heard during tuning are unique to perfect intervals of just intonation and is denied to equal temperament now dominating world music. The following comment of Scientist Newton will help to understand the nature of disadvantage of equal temperament.

“The alterations of the modernists rob music of its real power. To those who know better, equal temperament's compromised tuning is as ungrateful to the ear as "soiled and faint colors are to the eye." . . . -pp24-25 - Stuart Isacoff, Temperament, Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 2001.
This is the main obstacle in modern music to experience the infinite through music. As an interrelated result, in modern life, the imperfect ‘tuning’ of the mind is the main obstacle to experience the infinite . 

The imperfect ‘tuning’ of the mind 

Next we shall see more about the imperfect ‘tuning’ of the mind. The imperfect ‘tuning’ of the mind is the result of delinking the human from nature and society. 

With imperfect tuning of the mind,  human beings start living as human robots submerged in the disease of social comparison – well explained in ‘The Paradox of Choice – why more is less ‘ by Barry Schwartz - , so that nature and society can be exploited maximum to serve the selfish individual. Instead of simple nature defined needs, induced needs govern the lives of the human beings sacrificing harmony with the self, nature and society.

Vibrations &  Resonance 

All material bodies in the cosmos consist of atoms and molecules. Within atoms and molecules, all kinds of vibrations (optical, electrical, magnetic, and acoustic) take place. Science has many evidences to confirm that resonance is a proven method to transfer energy between the bodies experiencing the resonance. 

The vital clues to experience the divine resonance 

Both animate & inanimate things have molecules in constant vibration. The only difference is the ‘life process’ involving the molecules in the case of animate things. Both verbal & non verbal communication among the animate things is related to the ‘life processes’.

Can we be certain that the absence of the ‘life process’ in inanimate things would mean no other process of communication, involving the vibrating molecules?

Also why not the non verbal communication of different kind possible in the case of the inanimate things?

In Sanskrit, VASTU means un-manifest and VAASTU means manifest energy. All bodies, animate and inanimate, have vibrations, distinguished by the presence and absence of the ‘life process’ respectively, explained in  “ Joyful Life:  Do they, the inanimate, have life?”  ( )

"If we go back to the idea of nature as a living organism, the whole of nature as being alive, and ourselves as living beings within a living world -- a living world that has many levels of organization, from molecules, atoms, cells, the whole planet, the solar system, the galaxy, the whole universe -- at every level there's a kind of integrity or wholeness that's more than the sum of the parts -- then we can think about the relation between science and religion in a new light, a different way than has been possible for the last three hundred years." ( )

In all communications, signals and noises are mixed. The skill of reception would depend on segregating the signal from the noises during the reception.

The case of divine related reception experience of the acoustic resonance involving the resonance matching manthra of the individual, and the visual resonance involving the resonance matching visual presentation of the God of the individual, are just two of the innumerable options to experience the infinite, God, through resonance experience.

Prior to  the RESONANCE experience, with awareness, we could sensitize the ‘consonance’ experiences in our lives, like the ‘octave, fifth, & fourth’ in music tuning leading to the aththam அத்தம்  (sruti) of the tuned musical note, w.r.t the referred musical note. (  ) Prior to reaching the state of 'aththam', the tuning process will come across dissonance sounds, like the negative experiences in human life; "Allowing the pain to sculpt the life is part and parcel of best LEARNING aptitude",  as Malaysia based Saivite scholar Dr.Sivakumar explained,  to experience the divine;  also the word 'aththan'  அத்தன் frequently employed in the divine texts 'thEvAram' தேவாரம், 'thirumanhthiram' திருமந்திரம், & 'thiruvAcakam' திருவாசகம். From birth to death, human life involved pain and pleasures, both serve to sculpt the life , leading to the divine resonance experience('aththam') of the persons with the 'awareness', resonating with the God 'aththan'. 

In fact, a mentally enriching music, in any form of world music, will have highly aesthetic musically consonant notes structures, in between ‘negative- anger, violence, etc- ‘dissonant’ notes structures, similar to human life. Hence our life will be divinely enriching, depending on our ‘AWARENESS’, to experience all negative things in our lives , with a positive frame of mind, well tuned to sensitize and experience the consonances and the RESONANCE in our lives.

Divine texts like thirumandhiram offer the vital clues to experience the divine resonance.

For example the key role of the five letter –‘ அஞ்சு எழுத்து’-  manthraNa – Ma-Shi-vA-ya”  was explained in the following text of thirumandhiram – திருமந்திரம் .

குருவழி ஆய குணங்களின் நின்று
கருவழி ஆய கணக்கை அறுக்க
வரும் வழி மாள மறுக்க வல்லார் கட்கு
அருள்வழி காட்டுவது அஞ்சு எழுத்து ஆமே.

In AnAyanhAyanAr purANam, we have evidence that the five letters in Na – Ma-Shi-vA-ya are related to the five musical notes in Mohana Ragam – mullai thImpANi, - முல்லைத்தீம்பாணி - and by playing to them in flute, AnAyanhAyanAr had experienced the divine musical resonance of experiencing('aththam') the embrace of God Shiva, 'aththan' . ( ) 

We have the option to experience the infinite, God, through resonance experience, if we are successful in tuning our mind and body - with the related self discipline. No need to force others, who had not realized the need to explore the option.