Saturday, March 7, 2020

                     Preserve and Enjoy Colourful Life

Eye colour blindness will deprive the colour vision of the eye. Similarly, there is social colour blindness, depriving the social colour vision. 

If our mind perceives all things and persons only in right or wrong, good or bad conditions, it means our mind suffers from digital binary perception divorced from analogue or colourful perception in nature. We will become social colour blind. 

Most of the events associated with life are analogue. Even in technology dependent life, digital plays only subservient role between analogue inputs and analogue outputs related to human life. Our eyes, ears and other sensory perceptions are only analogue sensitive.

But we have the option to choose the sensitive aspect of our mind.

Just make yourself free for reflections. Do you identify all persons related to your life either good or bad with no other option? Do you identify all events, forums, and groups etc that deserve your notice, either good or bad with no other option? 

If the answers are NO, then you can be happy with your really colourful social life.

Otherwise you must start re-examining your mind to eliminate digital infection, the source for damaging the social life and nature.

Since our values and attitudes will be infected with digital perception of our mind, even the analogue sensory perceptions will be distorted by the digital infection of the mind. The first and foremost causality of such life will be the subjugation of human dimension and coronation of robot dimension.

Such persons are cursed to perceive world in black and white. They have to be social colour blind to the world. In fact, they do not live for themselves. They live for the robot programme to which their life had become subjugated. An indoctrinated suicide bomber may die soon with all damage around him/her in a short span of time. A robot life takes a lifetime. That is the only difference. Both live and die not for themselves. A suicide bomber dies for his organization. A human robot life comes to end serving the cause of the social rascals ruining the world.

Human mind can be free from digital infection so long as its analogue sensitive nature remains healthy and active. This is possible only if human mind is free, open and analogue sensitive. Once it starts becoming a slave to person, ideology, fashion, consumer or high-energy consumption culture due to attraction, indoctrination or coercion, digital infection will start enslaving human mind. 

Vested interests could thrive in a society dominated by persons with digital infected minds. All powerful mechanisms like government, media etc become prone to the manipulation by vested interests defeating the positive purposes of these mechanisms.

When most of the events of the world are dominated by infected digital perception, freedom to human mind will be threatened with suffocation.

Individuals enjoying colourful world will have to be careful to preserve their analogue sensitive free and open mind.

Fortunately nature had blessed free individuals with a solution to breathe freely in a world with digital suffocation more at the higher levels. The solution is SMALL. Hence small is not only beautiful but also greatly helpful.

Those grounded in small and simple social life could raise to any height to perform a socially beneficial role and return back to simple Hindu rural life, like Omandur Ramaswamy Reddiar, the former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

Let me share the keys to lead small and simple social life. 

I am a born catholic, brought up in non-Catholic Hindu environment, later rationalist turned ‘Periyarist’, finally transforming into ipso facto proud ‘Hindu’. Unlike the Abrahamic religions, Hindu is not a religion, but a way of life worshiping all in nature including birds, trees, & inanimate objects; with a maximum possible human freedom to worship any god, in any manner, or not worshiping with no consequent punishments found in the Abrahamic religions.

In my view, only honest people could have the blessings of the God, the infinite; no short cut methods, sacrificing honesty, to fool God.

I like to smell and enjoy life and hence I try to avoid the ‘dead’ robot like human beings always working to use all relationships and interactions only to earn money and influence - drowning in the infection of comparison.

I start the day with morning walk communicating ‘Good Morning’ to birds and trees. 

I enjoy the music (from the birds, thunder, etc) and dance (the trees, river flow, etc) in nature. 

I involve in activities that gives meaning to my life and joy to me. 

In case death comes to me, I shall welcome it with joy as the day was spent in joy and most of the days in my life were spent in joy as I had divorced myself from the negative sources of memory, persons and places.

A bonus life is only for positive joyful life, possible only for a Hindu with maximum possible human freedom.

Monday, October 28, 2019

The keys in ‘akam’ and ‘puRam’;  

The innumerable mysterious treasures in the Nature and Society

akam’ (the mind related internal) and ‘puRam’ (the external part), in dynamic interactions, govern the life of the individual till the death, according to the ancient Tamil texts.

The needs and interests of a person in the mind, is related to ‘akam’, and the interests driven activities is related to ‘puRam’.

The resultant of the activities in the ‘puRam’ will lead to the joy and sufferings that are related to the ‘akam’.

Basic human needs will lead to the interests in the mind for earning money.

Anyone infected with social comparison will have socially induced needs to earn more and more money. Also, those infected with comfort life style will focus to move towards the greener pastures.

Nature and society have innumerable mysterious treasures denied to the above fools with compromising weak ethics to avoid the suffering and to achieve their goals, causing unbelievable damages to the Nature and Society. 

The skills to hunt for the above treasures demand continuous nourishing of the ‘akam’ to be in consonance with society and nature. But the above fools insulate themselves, fearing to experience unexpected ‘heat’ from the society and nature. Joy and sufferings are the two sides of the life skills for the success in the above hunting.

Nourishing the ‘akam’ and continuous open minded growing of the strong ethics go together enhancing the above life skills to live as a person free to enjoy the life travel.

“If people are like the waves on the sea, tossed about by contrary winds, then the free person is one who strives not to be affected by being tossed about, who strives to understand his position as a wave on the sea.” 
- Proposition 68 ‘The Ethics’ by Benedict de Spinoza

The above selfish fools always seek fully enclosed float, ensuring a robot-like travel till death.

The keys to live as a ‘free person’ was revealed in the following ancient Tamil text ‘puRanhAnURu’.

யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர்
தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர்தர வாரா
நோதலும் தணிதலும் அவற்றோ ரன்ன
சாதலும் புதுவது அன்றே, வாழ்தல்
இனிதென மகிழ்ந்தன்றும் இலமே முனிவின்
இன்னா தென்றலும் இலமே, மின்னொடு
வானம் தண்துளி தலைஇ யானாது
கல் பொருது மிரங்கு மல்லல் பேரியாற்று
நீர்வழிப் படூஉம் புணைபோல் ஆருயிர்
முறை வழிப் படூஉம் என்பது திறவோர்
காட்சியில் தெளிந்தனம் ஆகலின், மாட்சியின்
பெரியோரை வியத்தலும் இலமே,
சிறியோரை இகழ்தல் அதனினும் இலமே. (புறநானூறு: 192)


யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர்
yAthum UrE yAvarum kELir

To us all villages and towns are our own, everyone our kin,

தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர்தர வாரா
thEthum nhanRum piRar thara vArA

Neither good nor bad comes from others

நோதலும் தணிதலும் அவற்றோ ரன்ன
nhOthalum thaNithalum avaRRO ranna

Pains and pain's relief are also like that

சாதலும் புதுவது அன்றே, வாழ்தல்
இனிதென மகிழ்ந்தன்றும் இலமே
cAthalum puthuvathu anRE, vAzthal
inithena makiznhthanRum ilamE

Death is no new thing, nor we need to be happy
when life seems to be pleasant

இன்னா தென்றலும் இலமே
innAthenRalum ilamE

nor do we grudge that our life is worse than the austere life of a monk

வானம் தண்துளி தலைஇ யானாது

vAnam  thaNthuLi thalaii iyAnAthu

sky with lightening causing the activation of the cooled water droplets for continuous raining

கல் பொருது மிரங்கு மல்லல் பேரியாற்று
நீர்வழிப் படூஉம் புணைபோல்
Kal poruthu mirangku mallal pEriyARRu
nhIrvazip paduUm punnai pOl

torrential rain rolling the stones causing a big turbulent river flow carrying a float 

முறை வழிப் படூஉம் என்பது திறவோர்
காட்சியில் தெளிந்தனம் ஆகலின்,
muRai vazip padUum enpathu thiRavOr
kAtciyil theLinhthanam Akalin

(like the float) rare human life
follows the path of the method of life travel,
will be clear in the vision of the wise,

பெரியோரை வியத்தலும் இலமே,
சிறியோரை இகழ்தல் அதனினும் இலமே. (
periyOrai viyaththalum ilamE,
ciRiyOrai ikazthal athaninum ilamE

the wise marvel not at the persons in high social status
Still less despise the men in low social status.             
   -puRanhAnURu 192

Due to the constraints in the semantic translation, ‘rare human life follows the path of the method of life travel’ could not reveal the full meaning of the ‘Aruyir muRai vazip padUum’. The following may be helpful to understand it.

The carved relief of judgement by Yama (south gallery, east side, Angkor Wat temple built 1113-52 AD by Suryavarman II, Hindu (Vishnu) Cambodia;  explained the process of judging the good deeds of the person for sending to heaven, and the bad deeds for sending to the hell.

Adams Smith in his book ‘The Theory Of Moral Sentiments’ had explained how we could live both as the first person leading our life, morally guided by the ‘third person’ in us. The ‘third person’ can be considered as the ‘yama’ in the above sculpture, constantly judging our life warning about the immoral openings, as well as encouraging the morally right directions in our life. In other words, the yama, the heaven and hell are all in us, and with the awareness of ‘Aruyir muRai vazip padUum’, we could enjoy our life as a truly free person.

akam’, the mind related internal part incorporating the above keys will motivate us to live with our ‘puRam’, the external part. The resultant free person will experience and enjoy both the joy and the suffering in the hunting for the innumerable mysterious treasures in the nature and the society.